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After a long stint away from the site, I've decided to come back! For those that remember me and know me, I look forward to seeing your blogs and exchanging comments.

We are a happily married couple that enjoy spending quality time with each other both in and away from the bedroom. The sex is amazing and I could not have a better friend and partner (for LIFE)! Unfortunately, like many people, the stress and reality of work and other obligations gets in the way of having fun as often as I would like. But we did vow for better or for worse! Even in the worst times it's still pretty damn good to be with each other! There is nobody I would rather be with. Not even a super model!

Most of our sexual experiences focus around oral sex and tasting each other. It's our little fetish (a little cum fetish that is)! And not in a bad way! I'm actually slightly obsessed with her amazing taste as she is we me!

I enjoy the interaction with everyone on the site and look forward to being around more often... And getting those reputation points up :)

I hope to start writing some erotic stories like I once did and get some feedback from the community. All my stories are based on real life sex encounters with my wife. Please let me know what you think when I post them.

And last but not least my avatar/picture unfortunately is not my wife. Just a random pic I fell in love with.



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